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Just Call It Love, the fourth studio album by Dennis van Aarssen, this time a collaboration with composer-pianist Jeff Franzel, represents the musical maturation of the singer who once won The Voice of Holland as a crooner. Featuring eleven captivating tracks, lyrically mature with deeper emotional resonance, the arrangements are intentionally kept small and intimate. Dennis's warm, resonant voice sounds richer and more colorful than ever before. Dennis explains, "My voice has matured, giving me more control. The songs are smaller, so it's not about power, but rather about nuances. It has become an intimate jazzy pop album." Just Call It Love diverges from the previous big band albums with a focus on piano and vocals for most tracks, while others are colored by subdued arrangements with guitar, drums, bass, and cello. With this approach, the singer bravely ventures into a crossover of refined pop and jazz. What remains unchanged is the unique collaboration with Jeff Franzel, a composer and pianist who previously worked with legends like Frank Sinatra, Sammy Davis Jr., and Mel Tormé, along with lyricist Maria Christensen, known for her work with Céline Dion and Jennifer Lopez. Jeff Franzel, who has penned over 20 hits for international artists such as Josh Groban, N'SYNC, Taylor Dayne, and The Temptations, remarks, "Maria and I have made our mark not only in jazz but also in the world of pop music. And Dennis, well, Dennis can sing just about any genre. While his identity as a singer is rooted in jazz, he can easily cross over into pop. So, it's wonderful to work in the space where pop and jazz meet, particularly because it allows us to reach a broader audience."

Just Call It Love - LP [2024]

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  • SIDE A:

    1. Cloudy
    2. Cry For A Day
    3. Just Call It Love
    4. Waiting For Tonight
    5. Golden Days

    SIDE B:

    1. The Little Things
    2. Me And The Guy On The Piano
    3. Till I Drop
    4. How To Live
    5. She
    6. Do Some Good
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